J Gocher Communications Ltd

I started in PR in 1990. After working for a couple of agencies, I started J Gocher Communications Ltd in January 1999 and here it is – still going strong.
In my time I have worked for companies large and small – from lightbulbs to supercomputers – from supply chain management software to large format inkjet printers. And just about everything inbetween.
More recently I have jumped to the other side and am the features editor for Sign Update magazine and write regularly for GraphicDisplayWorld.com
As well as PR and writing, with the help of of my boys Ollie and Joe, JGC provides original music, video and podcast editing and production. 
To find out how we can help you, email me on jack@jackgocher.co.uk

Good writing made simple

I can help you with all forms of content and writing for your business. I have 30 years of experience creating case studies, press releases, opinion pieces, blogs, web sites and social media content

Getting it out there

I work with the industry media and influencers to get your message in front of the people you want to work with. Let’s talk to the press about your new products, new customers,  new people and new ideas

Building relationships

Good social networking and digital marketing is all about consistent engagement, relevant content and intelligent comment. We can help you deliver all of this for an effective social media campaign